Woodland Restoration

Whether you have a small wooded area in your suburban backyard or live on the edge of larger woodlands, your trees are part of a larger ecosystem. Trees are the anchor; they support animals, birds, insects, fungi, biological organisms, water, soil… and us! If enough trees are connected, the biology of the region is healthier, and wildlife is more abundant and diverse as it is deeper in the woods.

But the closer you get to the edge, the more unbalanced the ecosystem becomes. Your part of the woods is called an edge habitat. Here, you find plenty of invasive shrubs and vines overtaking your landscape. It’s the same type of greenery you see next to roads and highways, behind strip malls, in parking lots and along railways and power lines. A landscape covered with bittersweet, honeysuckle, barberry, and rose is a biological dead zone.

The trees, being the oldest surviving members of an edge environment have taken the biggest beating and for them to continue to survive, they need biology to happen. They need the support of animals, birds, insects and micro-organisms.

A simple call to Hudson Valley Native Landscaping will bring our team of experts to your residence. We will restore the ecological balance of your woodlands. We will remove dangerous invasive plants and crippled or dying trees. We will restore your yard to natural balance.