Tree Care

It’s not easy being a tree. They have a lot going against them. Even in the best of conditions, it’s a full-time job just photosynthesizing. Trees must also do so much more: produce berries, flower, go to seed, and store enough sugar to get through the winter.

Trees must defend themselves against damaging deer and insects and must compete with invasive vines for ground water and valuable sunlight. The weight of the vines pull the branches to the ground, eventually breaking them and allowing fungus to set into the open wounds.

The tree is in survival mode now and can forget about ever being free or supporting the surrounding forest. What was once a vibrant woodland is now a tangled up mess. Small wonder that so many trees fall quickly into decline.

You love your trees and you know something is not right with them but you don’t know what to do to help them.

It’s ok, the doctor is in and we do house calls!

Our team of arborists, forestry specialists and permaculture experts will assess your property and plan the most effective rescue strategy. We will restore your yard’s ecological health and balance so that you can experience everything nature has to offer in your own back yard!

Start the rescue mission now. Call Hudson Valley Native Landscaping today for a consultation.