Native Plants

Because native perennial plants are already in sync with local environmental conditions, they require far less water and grow back every year, thereby saving you gardening time and money. In addition to providing vital habitat for birds, native plants offer numerous benefits for many other species of wildlife. Whether you are seeking flowers, shrubs, grasses or trees, Hudson Valley Native Landscaping can create the perfect environment for you.

With our database of nearly 500 native flowers, shrubs, trees and groundcovers we can find plenty of options that will work for any growing condition on any property.


Here are some of our favorite native flowers for use in butterfly and hummingbird gardens:


Here are some easy to grow, native ground covers that prefer shade:


We like to see flowers blooming throughout the growing season. If you have some sun, try these Hudson Valley natives for fall colors:


An extensive list of local, NYS native plants may be found here.